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Building trust for over five decades

Parent Company

Zantex Adblue is launched under our parent company Lakhi Ram Lube Centre (LRLC). We are associated with the oil industry for nearly five decades; we applied for Petrol Pump License and so successfully started business in 1970 and have been growing since then with ownership to more than twenty petrol pumps under our Group

Its in the Details

Also on board is the Automotive and Industrial lubricants dealership.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Goyal

Ramesh Kumar Goyal, the man behind our parent company Lakhi Ram Lube Centre, is a living embodiment of the philosophy that when you love what you do you can do truly do great work. Starting operations as early as 1984, his journey to success was full of hurdles but made him India's number one Lube Distributor of HPCL in the year 2000-01 and for many years now, LRLC is highest SERVO Lube uplifter in whole of Haryana.

Bharat Standards

The journey since 1989

  • BS I:The first Indian emission regulations were idle emission limits which became effective in 1989 which were later replaced in 1991 and 1992. By 2000, India started following European Standards to emission and adopted BS I.

  • BS II:In the year 2000, passenger cars and commercial vehicles met Euro I equivalent India 2000 norms, while two wheelers were meeting one of the tightest emission norms in the world. BS II equivalent Bharat Stage II norms were in force 2001 onwards in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

  • BS III:The first Auto Fuel Policy was announced in August 2002 that lay down the Emission and Fuel Roadmap upto 2010. As was given in the roadmap, four-wheeled vehicles moved to Bharat Stage III emission norms in 13 metro cities from April 2005 and rest of the country moved to Bharat Stage II norms.

  • BS IV:BS IV technology was updated and implemented on commercial vehicles on 1st April 2017.

  • BS VI:There were proposed implementations to BS V but due to pressure from international regulatory bodies, India will now directly shift to BS VI engines and not BS V from 1st April 2020.