Features at a Glance

Environment Friendly

The fluid is overall environment friendly and doesn’t act as a further menace in disturbing the natural balance

NOx Pollution

Reduce the emissions of mono-nitrogen oxide which decreases the negative impact on the overall environment


It is a 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in de-mineralised water that is clear and non-toxic and safe to handle

Particulate Emissions

Using the efficient AdBlue® reduces the harmful particulate emissions in the environment, main cause of smog in many cities

Better Fuel Economy

Increases engine’s efficiency thereby enabling the users to take advantage of at leat 5% of better fuel economy

Hassle Free Fuel

Requires minimum and low maintenance cost; it does not influence the rest vehicle’s parts and the service periods

Who we are?

Currently we are amongst the very few suppliers of the reagent called AdBlue®, Diesel Exhaust Fluid in India.